About us

CAL-PEP was founded in 1984 and is nationally recognized for its effective approaches to working with hard-to-reach, high-risk populations. Our work takes us into the trenches of East and West Oakland, as well as other communities throughout Alameda and San Francisco Counties to serve those who have limited access to healthcare. CAL-PEP’s work has assisted in pioneering effective prevention strategies in street outreach and mobile HIV/AIDS, STD, and hepatitis testing. Our mission is to provide accessible health education, disease prevention, risk reduction and support services to people at high rish for or currently living with HIV/AIDS — using culturally relevance, humility and grace as our guiding principles.


Alameda County Health Department Office of AIDS | Centers for Disease Control (CDC) | Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration | California HIV Research Program and Office of AIDS | Pfizer | Gilead | Kaiser Permanente | National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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